Lockdown : day 20

My of wine glass is half empty
I look out the window and observe
a crowd of Pyrrhocoris
this red insect with blackhead
is sunbathing on the metal front door
Visually, its remind me ladybug but more mean
Boredom seems to have conquered me

Don’t feel like writing,
Don’t feel like reading,
When you turn on the tv
it’s non-stop about the Covid-19
Even Netflix got into it
Help !

This lockdown spitted on my face my loneliness
I feel alone but not alone in the world
I feel alone between my apartment’s four walls

I started to fantasize
about my life with husband and children
I already imagine myself scolding them
because my twins would have done idiocy
I will have taken advantage of this lockdown to conceive the baby covid

This baby will remind us
This unprecedented period
We will laught about it
We will cry about it

Then the Amazon delivery boy rang
he reminded me again that I’m lockdown


Adelia Good

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