Patriarchy intensify by women

Before opening the subject which « get me on nerve », I would like to wish you a very happy new year 2021, much love and much money. Resolutions are for the lazy people. Take action and you will save time and possibly money.

So, last Christmas a beautiful lady whom I know and love very much performed unconsciously a patriarchal act which inspired me this article.


Looking back, I believe that some feminists do not fight for the right causes. The problem should be fixed at the starting point , i mean with the mother. Patriarchy is stimulated and proliferated by women. I can almost add « that patriarchy is created » by women. It start very early at home between siblings. You will notice that your mother does not treat you the same way as your brothers. My mother keep telling me that a woman must be active in « Conchitarization* » (I know I just made up a word).

Maybe she’s right in her perception of what a good wife must be. I don’t blame her. A tailor-made happiness to first serve mens and the society. Does anyone care about her? Neither she nor the society. Don’t ask why because it’s man who marries the woman. It’s enough for all this « conchitarization ». So if one day, you marrie, be sure to be a good conchita*.

It is useful to call to mind the definition of patriarchy: patriarchy is a form of social organization in which man exercises power in the political, economic, religious fields, or holds the dominant role within the family.

In short, as a certain pastor would say « women place is in the kitchen« .

What’s the big deal, if I want to stay in my pyjamas all day on Netflix? “Horror! How lazy she is they will say ”!  Some men find the conchitarization perfectly « ordinary ». How many male friends told me during debates that “Europe” brainwashed us? « A good wife have to scrub cooking pot until it become white« . « When a real woman arrive somewhere, she had to roll up her sleeves and must be a conchita« . At home, some men are very proud to say loud that they doesn’t do anything, their wives take care of everything. They defend themselves by saying that they are already working all day. I don’t even tell you about those who don’t work. Gentlemen, do you want a life partner or do you want a housemaid? Most of them want both.

At Christmas, my brother decided on his own to wash the dishes and guess what? My dear mother seeing that I was happy, crossed legged, sipping a glass of red wine… Asked me to help my big brother to wipe the dishes. « Mom ? Did my brother tell you that’s he wanted my help? When I do the dishes does someone come to help me ? « . Grrr

Brief, I did not try to understand, i just did it. It’s Christmas, there are people, I’m only here for few days. In the kitchen my big brother surprised demand me what I was doing: « Mom told me to come and wipe the dishes. » He looked at me speechless. I resigned myself to my temporary destiny. Mom why ? « because you are a woman and a future wife ».

When instectively or unconsiouly you raise women to serve men all their lives, how do you not want patriarchy extends?

Dear mother, dear women, dear future mothers, Let us help each others! Let’s stop Patriarcat.


Adélia Good

*Conchita = Housemaid.

*Conchitarization: growth of housemaid .

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