Which one is an idiot Matthew or Luc ?

I apologize for my rudeness but I write what I want on my blog. It seems that Matthew and Luke do not agree on this biblical sentence « The kingdom of heaven belongs to the poor » ! Gospel according to Luke 6:20 or Matthew 5: 3, which one is foolish?

I received a Catholic education. I have a rosary in my car. Belief, alienation, habit or superstition? No matter ! Today, I can no longer enter in a church without thinking of slavery, pedophilia and the war over which the Catholic Church built its authority. I define myself as « a little spiritual person » but not a religious one. I have faith in something bigger than us that rules the universe. The human body is a « wonder of perfection » which I find hard to be convainced that’s is chance result.

Why would a righteous God want me to remain poor in spirit and nature ? If the kingdom of heaven belongs to the poor, why does the Pope live in the Vatican surrounded by gold? He could live in a tent in communion with nature, isn’t it? Money offers you opportunities you would never had if you are poor. In most cases, when you experienced poverty, the only ambition you have is to never be poor again.

Among the many cities i visited around the world, only one particularly inspired me is this article: Dubai. Dubai, 500 years ago was a desert. Today, it’s amazing to see what oil has done. I longtime thought Air France was the best company until I took Air Emirates.

I used to study the bible. The bible is plenty of inconsistency and incongruity. I had to dig deeper into the subject especially after debating with a great friend on the topic. According to my research, the notion of spiritual poverty (in the Gospel of Mathieu) refers to an attitude of self-effacement in your relationship to God. However, the gospel according to Luke would refer to material poverty. Both are additional. I will listen to Luke when the Pope will leaves the Vatican. Finally, it’s Luc the idiot (laughs) !

In any case, if the kingdom of heaven only belonged to the poor then I would rather go to hell!


Adelia GOOD

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