After the wedding do they become toads again?

I was talk about males/females relationships and couple life with a married friend, she has said to me a sentence which gave rise this thought:

It appears that you have to kiss several toads before you find your prince charming » but after the wedding do they become toads again? .

What do you think ?

To found the ideal partner in 2019 (but not perfect, yes I want to make it clear because I believed in fairy tales for a long time ) who wants to build something stable is an achievement. Excepted, evangelicals and arranged marriages (If you want to get married quickly, you know where to go now).

Once you find him, a new battle begins to maintain afloat the relationship . A fight that never ends. Even when you think everything’fine, this is when you should worry the most. Those who have read Sun Tzu’s Art of War should understand my words.

Once, I was talking to my sexagenarian gynecologist about relationships between men and women. He said to me

What are we good at? We became simple genitor. Today women are independent. They work, travel, do whatever they want. The other day my shirt unbuton off. My wife barely made a face when I asked her to patch up that. You’re scaring us! 

Grandpa, are we in 2019 or the 60s? That’s how I had just made a man admit that independent women scary him.

I never really understood this concept of the fear of independents women. Neyo sung us « Miss independent » what is the problem? Does this justify the fact that some married men are reverting toads?

We live in a world where men are kings. They have the highest salaries, their bodies are not deformed by pregnancy, they can cheat unlimited and their wives must be willing to forgive, society applauds them, they can drink unlimited beers have a big belly and marry a youngest girl. Despite this, we still scaring them! I do not understand ?

How could a man, highly educated, married, who earns a good living perfectly, sees naked women every day (only God knows how much among he put in his bed), could hold this speech? I have come to a simple conclusion, men are selfish. I hope that’s some of men will read my article!

 If i had to answer to my title  » After the wedding do they become toads again? » From my little experience as an unmarried woman, I cannot answer this question. What I’m sure is that my parents have almost forty years of marriage. I love my dad, he loves his wife but he has toad tendencies.

Even so, we still love these dear men, don’t we?

The debate continues.

Adelia GOOD

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